Startup: Aglo

This is a new client that hired me as a consultant and UI designer for their project. They are based in Sydney and will innovate in a new way to find discounts in your local area with an unexpected twist.

I can’t mention its use or name at the moment, but here is a short teaser of my designing approach:

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Startup: ProjectX

2nd Hackathon project

I was part of the contest AngelHack Sydney 2015 by Angelhack. We have to build a new startup in 36 hours.

The idea: An application that connects sport enthusiasts to experienced coaches. Basically Uber for local coaches, personal trainers, where anyone can join to a class of yoga in a nearby park.

Designs made by me including a group of 4 logo proposals:
Software: Sketch 3


Logos iPhone 62x Login2x Trainee profile Trainer Profile2x

Hunter Valley – Website

UI Design for Hunter Valley, HWTA.
Designed by me while working at the Creative Agency: Edge (Sydney, Manly).

Integrated look and feel with shared asset management across all platforms.

The following designs demonstrate my ability to: Execute a new digital strategy that will push the refreshed brand position and differentiate the Hunter as the wine destination of choice for young food loving couples. Through smart new digital distribution of content, reach and drive preference and intention for the region significantly lifting visitor numbers. It brings digital engagement through a renewed integrated digital and social strategy.

Site designed to work beautifully on any sized device. Scalable and with content prioritise according to user context and need state.


Open a social post and get details such as location, description etc. Comment, share and add to itinerary.


: View favourite items on map in a more visual format. Each pin can be expanded to show social photography and more.


Usage of iBeacons for promotions and events discovery:

Integration with Instagram:

Cointr – Startup

Hackathon project
Won first place in the contest Masters of Code by Master Card and Angelhack.

Related: Meet Cointr. The winners of Masters of Code: Sydney Date: 12/Feb/2015

Ten cities, nine countries, eight time zones.
I was part of the team of 4 that won the first place in Australia. I was the only designer in the team, so it was a great responsibility, performed flawlessly in the short amount of time with a great group dynamic, we got selected as the best startup/project among 15 teams and 76 developers.

The idea: The team got in the zone and created an app that can be described as a digital piggy bank that allows the user to save money by topping-up their coin change into their digital wallet in any MasterCard RePower enabled location.

Best UX/UI Design. (#Selfie #winner)

This is the winning design (done in less than 10 hours):


Coinr-App-3 Coinr-App-4 Coinr-App-6 Coinr-App-7 Coinr-App-8

Designing Aeromental

Aeromental is a high traffic news site. All the designs and coding were made by me through 7 years of work, targeting trends and new web technologies since 2006:

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The Mobile version:

mobile Aeromental

Previous Design (2013):
Aeromental 2013

Web Design, Logos and Wireframing

Collection of other projects including digital designs, Photoshop creations, web design, and wireframing:

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Wireframe desktop:
Wireframe desktop

Wireframe mobile: